We would like to help the Dota 2 community discover techniques and strategies in playing this Esport. Or help discover the best techs for a better and an even more amazing gaming experience. And yes, discover new and even more colourful cuss words that would put sailors to shame.

Finding the most offensive and aggravating way to talk trash is just an added bonus. This site will talk everything Dota 2 and PC games.

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Why play Dota 2 or any PC game for that matter? Because why not? Over the years, PC games, Dota 2 especially, has amassed such a huge following that it has evolved from just your recreational-activity-to-kill-time-pc-game to something as big and grand that International tournaments are now being held in the name of this amazing Esport. In playing DOTA, you will be amazed by how fast you can meet people, gain new friends until you surprise your usually introverted and socially awkward self how you manage such feat in so little time. Because really, nothing breaks the ice faster than when you cuss and swear together, yelling such offensive and colourful words just to simply talk trash to that virtual enemy who is either seat, home or even country apart with just a sight of first blood. A more effective bonding activity the world is yet to see. If this could not get you started with playing this amazing Esport, I don’t know what would. I mean, who does not love a free opportunity to cuss and swear where no one would judge you, right? Not only is this Esport recreational, it could also be therapeutic as one could let out all their angst and bitterness with the world by cussing one’s heart out or “trash-talking” that virtual enemy that would have assured an ass whooping if only your mothers could hear, all for the spirit of fun. So shout out to those who’re still contemplating out there, TRY IT OUT NOW!!! Yow will be amazed with how fun and stress-relieving playing is. You will learn to live by the saying “a time you enjoy wasting is not a wasted time”. Because once you started, you’d find stopping really difficult. From doing it in your spare or down time to it taking so much of your time that the next time you check your watch, you’re already way over your normal sleeping time.  If it’s any consolation, you may lack sleep but you’re happy. I mean, isn’t that what we all want to be? Happy.

The Dream

Admit it, even when we just shrug it off acting high, adult and responsible, saying we’re just playing DOTA all for recreation, but deep down we preen at how amazing our gaming skills are after having destroyed our virtual enemy’s Ancients (or whatever ang purpose). Inwardly re-igniting our closet dreams of becoming a DOTA pro. I mean, playing as a means of living? Why the heck not, right? So really, let us all go out of the closet and profess our undying dream of becoming a gaming pro someday, hopefully this site could help you one way or the other in attaining such dream. For the meantime, let’s sleep it off first because that is the only venue where we are pro, and tomorrow we will all wake up to make that dream into a reality.