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Category: News

MDL-Dota 2 Disneyland Major Champion
May 12, 2019 Events, News Maju

A $1,000,000 USD prize pool and the extremely useful Dota Pro Circuit points to qualify for The International 2019 will be in the hands of the Mars Dota 2 League Disneyland Paris Major Champions- and now, all prizes sit to the rightful Disney Major Champion 2019, Team Secret.

Uncertainty- Terror for Dendi
May 12, 2019 News Maju

No one can contest against the Dendi Pudge that precisely calculates his hooks to enemies roaming the map! An avid Dendi Dota 2 fan would agree that nobody can equal NaVi’s mid-laner skills and a master of fog of war! His wits, tricks and the style of play are unique to him!- That was before.

The International 2019- Shanghai China
April 22, 2019 Events, News Maju

Main Event (Final Week) The most awaited tournament The International 2019 is fast approaching. Every Dota 2 player is excited for the coming event. The International 2019 will begin on, Tuesday 20 August 2019 and ends on Sunday 25 August 2019. TI9 will be held on  for the first time in China, as it moves

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Mars Dota 2-Warrior from Red Planet Joined Defense of the Ancient
March 6, 2019 Dota 2 tips, News, Update Maju

After the Major event from MDL-Macau another great news from Dota 2! They have introduce hero named Mars, a strength type hero that hold a legendary spear and a deadly shield. Mars, first son of heaven, spent a long existence waging endless war, and saw countless more crusades waged in his old name.