Dota 2 Best Carry in 2019



The Best Carry

Have you been wondering who is the best carry in Dota 2 in 2019? Then you have come to the right place. It is not easy task to pinpoint who is exactly the best in a dynamic game like Dota 2, where drafting takes such a big part in your chances of victory, but there are some factors that make some heroes better than other heroes.

So, who is the best carry in 2019? The answer is Lifestealer. Let’s analyze why he is the overall best carry of the patch 7.21d.


He is easy to use, which means it is less likely for you to make mistakes with him, he has access to magic immunity in his kit, and he can survive even in hard lanes, thanks to his sustain. Even Dota 2 newbies can pick up this hero and easily have a positive impact in a game. Do not forget to last hit creeps perfectly for the gold advantage too.


Laning Strategy

When laning as Lifestealer, your strategy depends on your lane partners and your enemies, if you can, play offensive with your support, Open Wounds is a terrific spell that will slow your enemies by a lot, and thanks to Feast you already deal decent damage from the early levels. Some lanes you just can’t go aggressive though, usually when you are facing a hero who is particularly powerful against melee heroes such as Monkey King or Slardar, if this is the case, your strangulate should be more defensive: abuse your lifesteal and magic immunity to stay in lane as much as possible. As long as you don’t die, you will be fine!

Item Selection


Recommended items for the hero are Phase Boots, Hand of Midas, and Radiance, this makes Lifestealer very dangerous as soon as he completes his Radiance. After Radiance a recommended item is Assault Cuirass, which will give you all the Attack Speed you need, but sometimes a Halberd will serve you better, for example if you are facing a Ursa, a Windranger, or a Drow Ranger. Any other item depends on what you or your team needs the most, Monkey King Bar is necessary against evasion heroes, while Abyssal Blade helps against mobile targets.

Pushing Strategy

When pushing with Lifestealer, the strategy is very simple: activate Rage and hit the tower, then back off when Rage is about to run out. This boosts your damage output with Rage’s attack speed, and makes you immune to the majority of your enemies’ spells, allowing you to hit the tower safely.

A common strategy that is easy to execute and very powerful is the infamous “Naix bomb”, where you use your ultimate Infest to go inside a teammate with mobility, and use him as a vehicle to get on top of an enemy hero and kill him fast and easily. Any hero that allows Lifestealer to get on top of his enemies and provide burst damage to get the kill in a fast and efficient way is suited for this job.


Lifestealer doesn’t have many weaknesses, but some heroes are very difficult to beat, specifically heroes like Juggernaut, Phantom Assassin, and Ursa make his life very hard, so avoid picking Lifestealer if you are expecting to face them. In case you end up against them, you will have to rely on your team to take care of them.

Dota 2 Tips


These are some of the tips that will help you get better at Dota 2, the game is very complex and this is just the tip of the iceberg, but don’t worry, with our guides and constant practice, you will quickly get better at the game, rise through the ranks, and get lots of easy wins while doing it.