Dota 2 Creeps Last Hit

Dota 2 Creeps Last Hit
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So you have decided to play Dota 2. The sound and visual effects is so lit that it got you excited to up your game. Not to mention that the effects is way too good that when you repeatedly die, the “Killing Spree and Rampage” sound is so clearly audible that it would start to sting a bit and get a little annoying, that it calls out the competitive person in you. As a beginner that don’t even know fog of war, dying in the game more than being able to kill is real sad but is unfortunately part of the learning process.

Dota 2 creeps last hit

Now, you coming in this site because you want to improve your game is already accomplishing half the process of getting better as you’re showing your thirst for learning and your “passion for the game.”best dota 2 last hit

So today, let us talk about the importance of improving your last hitting of last hitting

Mastering Dota 2 creeps last hit is one important and indispensable skill any new gamer with ambition must learn. Because being the one to hit last, sending those creeps to kingdom come would not only be good for your ego, but most importantly would give you an edge in terms of the gold as well as the level experience. This is especially true for Position 1-Carry and Position 2-Mid Laner, as they are considered as the core heroes who could bring so much impact for the team. While Dota 2 is all about team effort of all the players in the team, it is however undeniable that most of the times, the result of the game is mostly determined by the performance of these 2 positions.

Hence, heavy responsibility lie on the their shoulders as it is imperative for them to cash-in all those creeps in their way to get all those resources which could be used for items later on in the game. Their failure would make winning the game really difficult as the Position 3-Offlane could not be counted upon to do the job of getting the gold primarily because the creeps in the offlane are the furthest from your team’s tower, not too mention that would be too busy trying to not die in the offlane or the hard lane. Position 5 or the support must learn on creep stacking to boost gold and experience for the carry. So the responsibility of earning most of the golds rest in the mid lane and the carry, and rightly so, after all, life is hard in the hard lane. And last hitting is one of the most simplest ways to earn that coveted gold, so it would served the team well if the members are good in last hitting.

Hence, if you want to play mid lane or be the carry of the team, it is best for you to master last hitting as much as possible.

The best  ways to improve your last hitting skills:

  • Exercise your hands
  • Get used to the attack animation delay, this way you will learn and get used to the time gap between the time you click and the time the damage is dealt
  • Always face the creep you want to last hit, this is to avoid delay in turning to face the creep then hitting the creep, this is also to give the opponent less time to deny
  • Time the attack speed of your hero
  • Closely watch how fast the creep is dying so that you’d be able to land the killing blow
  • Practice last hitting by using the last hit trainer under the learn tab of Dota 2

Essentially, mastering last hit is just basically down to learning how to time your hit at that very moment where the creep’s health is at the level where one last hit would kill it. Therefore, there is no other way to mastering last hitting skills than by familiarizing and by practicing through constant playing. In time, as you spend more time playing, you’d get more familiar with the timing of the hits of a certain hero and also be more able in judging when to click so that your character could get the last hit.

best way to improve Dota 2 creeps last hit

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