Dota 2 Tips on How to Win Midlane

Dota 2 Tips on How to Win Midlane
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Winning lanes is very important, especially the mid lane, as it allows your midlaner to win the game. Here are our tips on how to in the mid lane, both as a midlaner, and as a support.

First, let’s see what does winning the midlane mean. It varies depending on the teams’compositions, and the heroes in the lane. For example, you might be perfectly satisfied with breaking even with your lane opponent, or even fall slightly behind. Or you might want to play aggressive and take their tier 1 tower early, and try to kill them. Some matchups are almost unplayable and your best bet is playing defensively and catchup by farming the camps close to the lane, or ganking other lanes.

As a Mid Laner

If you can counter your enemy pick in the mid lane, it can give you and your team a massive advantage. You can punish melee midlaners by picking heroes like Monkey King, Queen of Pain, or Razor, who are exceptional at lanings against melees. If you are picking your mid lane hero before the enemy, the best heroes for the mid lane are ones like Razor, Viper, or Dragon Knight, heroes without any real bad matchup. Pickinga hero that is easy to counter in the mid lane before seeing the enemy midlaner is asking for trouble, so only do it if you are extremely confident in your ability.

Another metric you should pay attention if you want to know how to win the mid lane is your creeps last hits. Certain matchups are just a wash, in that case your best bet towin the lane is deny as many creeps as possible, and get more last hits than your opponent. This will give you a faster level 6, and that’s where you might be able to kill your opponent, especially if they are still level 5.

Your laning strategy depends on both your hero and your enemy’s, for example, if you pick a hero with great waveclear like Viper, Meepo, Lina or Shadow Fiend, nuke the creep wave, and then rotate to the jungle and farm those creeps as well, while your opponent is busy clearing your own creep wave under their tower. Ask your supports to stack jungle creeps for you to farm, as this will improve your efficiency by a lot, and it will also net them some cash to help them buy wards and support items. If you are playing Medusa or Templar Assassin, ask them to stack the ancient camp instead, as these 2 heroes are particularly apt at killing it, accelerating their farm by a lot.

Instead, if you are playing who are good at pushing the lane and hitting towers, like Broodmother, Death Prophet, or Dragon Knight, you can just sit in lane and wait for your enemy to rotate to a side lane to destroy their tower easily. Alternatively, your teammates can rotate to your lane and help you take it down. These heroes are very hard to stop when they push towers, they require a coordinated effort, which is hard toget in pubs.

As a Support

There are many ways to win the mid lane, even if you are not the one playing in it. As a support, once you have secured your lane for your carry or offlaner, you can go into the jungle and stack neutrals for your midlaner. This will help them accelerate even more towards their item timings, or catchup in case their lane has been going poorly.

A tactic that hasn’t really been used much lately, but that is still as good as ever in uncoordinated pubs is just sitting mid for a bit in the first 3-4 waves to give your midlaner an head start, this will allow your teammate to gain a gold advantage, allowing him to get his bottle or early stat item much quicker, while delaying the
enemy mid laner’s item timings. This is especially good for heroes that struggle in the early levels or who have a bad matchup, for example you can help your Shadow Fiend to get some last hits against a Tinker in the first 2 waves, so that he gets enough damage from his Necromastery to lane by himself, or you can help your Outworld Devourer secure some farm versus a Razor or Queen of Pain so he can get his second Null Talisman, additional regen, or Boots of Speed, so that he can lane by himself.

The most obvious way to help your midlaner is by ganking the enemy mid laner. How? There are some heroes who are amazing at ganking mid, because of their spells. Heroes such as Spirit Breaker and Earth Spirit for example are great thanks to their mobility that also acts as a stun, allowing you to surprise the enemy mid laner and allow your mid laner to deal the damage. Nature’s Prophet is also good at this, being able to tp right behind your enemy, tank tower shots with his treants, and Sprout certain enemies to keep them in place.

Even if your heroes are not very mobile, as long as they have stuns, they can gank themiddle lane. Before ganking always make sure your lane partner can stand by himself. If you are unsure on how to gank mid, just purchase a Smoke of Deceit, hide in the trees on the lane’s sides, wait for the enemy mid laner to walk in the river, and then cast your spells on them. Heroes with lots of Crowd Control are particularly good at this, for example Crystal Maiden, Lion, and Shadow Shaman. Just remember to use a Smoke of Deceit before moving towards mid, otherwise a Ward might spot you and ruin your gank attempt.

One last thing you can do to win the mid lane is by killing the enemy courier, this will not only net your team a great gold advantage, it will also make impossible for the enemy mid laner to get access to additional regeneration, early boots, or stat items, which will give your mid laner a much easier time dealing with them. It is hard at times, but if your opponent is not paying attention, you can just sit on the ramp between the enemy tier 1 and tier 2 middle tower and attempt to assassinate the courier while it’s going mid or is going back to base. Be careful, as not all heroes can kill it in time.These are our tips to win the middle lane, as you can see, there are numerous ways to do it, and not all of them are good at all times, you will recognize what you need to do better and better by playing the game.

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