Fog of War

Dota 2 tips fog of war

One important Dota 2 tip any new gamer must know is maximizing the fog of war. This basically means using the fog of the map and the unknown to attack the opponent. Operation stealth and ambush.

Maximizing the use of fog of war means knowing when and where to ward  defensively or offensively without being detected. That could also mean using the “smoke of deceit” in the right place at the right time. Our friends in the pros usually use the “smoke of deceit” at the beginning of the game to immediately put the ward without being seen placing it, in order for that ward to not get dewarded immediately, sneaky move. The higher the level of the game is, the more that the fog of war is being maximized. Another item which could help you in your quest to maximizing the fog of war is to always bring your “town portal”, this is one extremely necessary item which could bring a player back to the home base and go to any tower before getting stun or hit by an opponent. Faster retreat means faster escape.

Dota 2 tips fog of war

In order to maximize the fog of war, supports must always bring observer wards and sentry wards. Incorporating support and  testing out the area for enemy awareness. In order to be effective, communication is key and the team must be wise enough to detect that enemy has vision in the specific area. As a matter of fact, communication is key in all aspects of the game.

Maximizing the fog of war can only be made possible when the player is familiar with the map and knows how to use the map in the team’s best advantage. As such, as a form of suggestion, it would be always best to familiarize the map and know where to position during clashing. Also, any decent dota player would know when their team is in the losing end, thus, in such circumstance it would be best to stay in higher ground instead of forcing a clash when the team is not complete. The use of fog of war can be utilized greatly when combined with proper positioning of wards, hence, if the team has planned to attack in a certain area in the map, make sure to put wards in that space, or prepare to deward that said space, as more than not, your opponents might also be thinking of the same strategy. Remember, you are playing in the same map, so it would be for your team’s best advantage if you know all the nooks and corners of the map better than the other team. You would not want to be one-upped by your opponent.

Mastering the map and being able to maximize the fog of war is what sets the pro and the non-pro  apart, because the fog of war guarantees a 100% sure way of escaping kills. Think of it like a means of escaping by using a ninja smoke bomb, making use of the smoke to do your great escape, very basic (for ninjas that is) but undeniably very useful when used in the right place at the right time. That is why, if you are a noob who could escape kills using the fog of war, pat yourself on the shoulder and look very very smug as you may now as well consider yourself a pro.

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  1. Amazing tips. Hopefully I can improve my MMR in few days from now. I’ve been a guardian ever since. 🙁
    I’ll be keeping this in mind bro! thanks!

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