Mars Dota 2-Warrior from Red Planet Joined Defense of the Ancient

Introducing Mars Dota 2 2019

After the Major event from MDL-Macau another great news from Dota 2!

Introducing Mars

They have introduce hero named Mars, a strength type hero that hold a legendary spear and a deadly shield.

Mars, first son of heaven, spent a long existence waging endless war, and saw countless more crusades waged in his old name.

Wars of conquest and of vengeance. Just and unjust… Always cruel. Like his father, Mars indulged his basest impulses—inclinations much more monstrous than those of Zeus. But the day arrived when war for its own sake was no longer enough to satisfy his desires.

As the Fates would have it, his solution came easily: he must wage war for a larger purpose, and inspire more than mere savagery and sorrow at the sight of his crest.

Now, the god of war aims to lay claim to his birthright—to burn down the pantheon of the old age and build a new empire atop the ashes of his kin.

Mars Dota 2


Spear of Mars

Mars 1st skill

Mars throws his legendary Spear, damaging each enemy unit it strikes. The first enemy hero it hits is skewered and pushed back. If a skewered hero hits a tree, building, or cliff, they will be impaled to it and stunned.



God’s Rebuke

Mars 2nd Skill

Mars smashes enemies in front of him with his shield, knocking them back and damaging them with a critical hit based on his attack. Imbued with True Strike, the assault adds bonus base damage when hitting heroes.




Mars 3rd Skill

Mars wields his massive shield to block a portion of each physical attack when struck from the front or sides.




Arena of Blood

Mars Ultimate skill

Mars summons an arena lined with the undead warriors of the Ash Legion, who block enemy attacks and movement. Enemy heroes near the inside edge of the arena will be attacked by spears, dealing damage and knocking them back.




When trying to use a new hero, please at-least go to Demo and read his skills carefully. I suggest to make the potential of this hero to build a tank type items and max his third skill among other skills in the early game. Vanguard and Assault Cuirass will be a huge impact when use by Mars. Shivas Guard with his ultimate skill Arena of Blood is interested to watch also. Build your own still with Mars, it’s gonna be fun and entertaining to build awesome item combination with Mars! It will be fun to play on smurf account using Mars. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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