Neutral Creeps Stacking


One Dota 2 tip, aside from creeps last hit any new gamer must learn is the creeps stacking.

Creep stacking is a process of filling up a certain area with neutral creeps to increase availability of sources for gold.

Creep stacking is a crucial role perform by the support to increase the available gold within their area not only for himself but also for his teammates, especially for the carry in the end-game.

Creep stacking is all about timing. It could be done at the 2 minute mark of the game, which could be repeatedly performed one minute after the last stacking.

The game itself would spawn new neutral creeps, provided there is no unit such as a player or a ward within the camp’s boundary.

Camp stacking is just basically letting the game spawn new creeps by pulling your neutral creeps away from the camp boundary at the right time.


About four times of creep stacking is enough to assure the whole team of gold availability, and yet still keep  the neutral creeps at the controllable level.

Because when you stack, you will have to ensure that you are able to farm them to gold, otherwise, the other team may just  convert them for themselves in your inability to do so.

Be very sure that when you stack creeps, you will not not neglect them for the opponents to farm, especially so for ancient creeps, as opponents will definitely be after them in a heartbeat. Hence, put wards around them if necessary just so you get them all secured.

You would not want others to reap the fruits of your labor. No, as a Dota 2 player, you can’t be that generous. You might just hear an earful from your allies if you’re neglectful.

Camp stacking is a great strategy for your team, but most likely, the other team might just be thinking the same.


Hence, ensure that your team had strategize on how to prevent them from stacking. This could be done by putting ward near the creeps inside the square mark to prevent neutral creeps from respawning.

Remember, you are the hero of your turf, but the villain of the opponent’s, so be very villainy. Should a support go missing in the map, locate them as they might be on their way of establishing a neutral creep industry.latest-camp-stacking-2019

The adage, prevention is better than cure can’t be truer in this game.

In conclusion, camp stacking is very easy once you have memorized when to do it. Once you’ve found yourself crazy in love with Dota 2, you are more likely to forget what came next to letter “C” in the English alphabet than when is the best time to do some camp stacking.

This is a very basic skill which could spell so much difference in your overall game performance.