Smurf VS Account Buyer

Once you ever decide to try out playing dota online, you are opening yourself to a world of so many people, from different countries, of different cultures, values and whatnot. Needless to say, meeting people and or gaining friends would come to the territory. However, we live in a real world that’s why conflicts could also very well arise due to differences. As such, any new gamer must be opened to possibilities that not all players in the dota community are there for the love of the Esport, some are just there for personal agendas or for purposes only God knows what.

Now here are two types of dota players you would do well to avoid in the virtual world, “the smurf” and “the crazy account buyer”. Though both types of players are gamers you’d not want to be teamed with, they are technically two different terms which refer to two different types of headaches on the Dota 2 community. Thus, to aid the beginners and as a review to long-time gamers, allow me to list down the tell-tales signs which would help you detect that you are dealing with either “the smurf” or “the crazy account buyer”.

First in the list of players to avoid is the “smurf”. The smurf is a high-level player who uses low–level account. Now this smurf player is being a smurf for a myriad of reasons, among which is probably to make himself feel good by beating beginners or low-level gamers, after all the real skill and experience of a smurf is most definitely better than what he let on and most likely better than his opponent. It cannot be discounted also that maybe the smurf has just too much time to spare and thus would find joy annoying other dota players. If a gamer exhibits these qualities, then most likely he or she is a “smurf”:

  • Choose mid heroes like Thinker, Shadow Fiend, Invoker
  • Level gap- control creeps and lane
  • Very aggressive and plays intellectually
  • Very silent and mostly doesn’t chat
  • Crazy item selection

Secondly, let us get to know the “crazy account buyer”? A “crazy account buyer” is a low-level player who buys his way into the high level playground by buying a high-level account. Now this crazed account buyer disrupts the flow of the game as most likely his level of gaming skills is not at par to the level of the account he is using, he most likely would not know the strategies that are presumed to be known by someone of the rank he’s using. As such, any command of strategies would be lost on him and might lead to the defeat of their team.  A crazy account buyer is most likely someone who has too much money in his bank account than what he knows to do with it and thus spend it by buying high-level accounts. If a gamer exhibits these qualities, then most likely he or she is a “crazy account buyer”:

  • Hero positioning from mid player to support or carry to support.
  • Don’t know how to control the lane, would enter at a random
  • If play support hero, wouldn’t know where to put the wards
  • Doesn’t know how to use items, would fail even with the most basic of items
  • Trashtalker (A classic example of a big talker with no action to show)

Now, who is better in these two types of players? Or in this particular comparison, who is the lesser evil? If you ever see glimpses of any of these qualities to any player you encounter, to avoid irritation and wasting time, it may be best to not play with them at all—they are both headaches.  For both these players disrupt the flow of the game and would only cause potential conflicts in the gaming community.

Speaking from the point of view of someone who is very passionate about dota, do not be a smurf or a crazy account buyer as you are neither helping yourself, nor the rest of the dota community. To fully see the beauty of this amazing Esport, it would still be best to play at your personal rank. Learn by playing guys. Dota is life.