Uncertainty- Terror for Dendi

Uncertainty- Terror for Dendi
May 12, 2019 Comments Off on Uncertainty- Terror for Dendi News Maju

No one can contest against the Dendi Pudge that precisely calculates his hooks to enemies roaming the map! An avid Dendi Dota 2 fan would agree that nobody can equal NaVi’s mid-laner skills and a master of fog of war! His wits, tricks and the style of play are unique to him!- That was before.

The first day of September 2018 was a sad day for NaVi fans when the Ukrainian talent, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin, announced in his Twitter account that he is leaving the team after 8 years. A lot of speculations played the minds of Dota 2 enthusiasts including possible retirement and that Dendi, at 29, is too old to play Dota.

With the exponential growth of international talents, Dota 2 has been in a more competitive scene ever than before. When Dendi leaves NaVi, it opened more doors of opportunities to him. As Dendi quotes, “When something knocks you down, you need to learn to get up.”- and he remained true to that! A couple of days after he announced that he is officially leaving NaVi, Dendi stops the false rumours by tweeting that he is not retiring and he is looking for a new team. The Dendi Pudge god shall claim his throne again!


January of this year, the Southeast Asian team Tigers signed Dendi and added him to their roster together with Malaysia’s Mushi. The current Dendi net worth as of 2018 is around $798,357.60. That Dendi net worth speaks a lot about his experiences in the Dota 2 scene and that he is not too old to play Dota in the highest level proving his doubters that, at 29, he is old but gold! There is no denying that he is one of the oldest Dota 2 players in the professional eSports arena but that does not necessarily translate to poor performance. The oldest Dota 2 player in TI8 was also at 29 in the name of Fenrir of VG as his current team, an old but gold talent bringing that experience and leadership to the team.

“Everything about eSports is young.”

Current Dendi net worth will surely skyrocket if he puts aside external factors including those people branding Dendi Dota 2 playing style archaic. 7895 solo Dendi MMR puts him in the Immortal rank tier and with no doubt, he is capable to put on a show for the fans.

As young and talented players are on the rise, every professional player must step up his/her game in order catch up with the demands of the gaming industry. A die-hard Dendi Dota 2 fan would be extremely grateful for Dendi new team because when Dendi leaves NaVi, his career has become uncertain given the competition. If not for Tigers, those patented Dendi Pudge build and Dendi Pudge god-like hooks will take its trip to the memory lane.


Joining the Tigers was a chance for him to prove the rest of the world that he is not too old to play Dota after doubters questioned his brand of play.

Yet again, the world seems to conspire against him with latest Dendi news late in April 2019 that he is out of Tigers together with Xepher. As per official announcement of Tigers team manager Xero, Dendi left the team in his own will due to “lack of result”. As Dendi quotes, “One way to forget about pain is to do something you will be in, completely. So. Computer games.”

What kind of pain does he have to go through? As one of the oldest Dota 2 players in the professional scene, what does he got to keep his post after several fiascos in his career? Will there a future Dendi news on a Dendi new team or will his career is close to an end?

If Dendi needs support more than anyone else, he has Dendi Dota 2 fans that believe in him. Dendi should get back to basics with proper mindset. He is more than capable of achieving great things only if he does not limit himself. With future big tournaments nearing us, the Dota 2 community is waiting for his biggest comeback- and it has to be very soon.

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